Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

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On a recent trip to Sam’s Club, my husband and I snagged a large jar of Nutella as we thought his chocolate-loving daughter would enjoy having a large quantity of it. She had eaten it before and thoroughly enjoyed the stuff. As with a lot of things, she apparently decided that Nutella was no longer for her and chose not to eat it. It was a bit too chocolate-y for my husband and myself, and so it sat on the shelf, dejected. I decided to give it some love this week by baking some Perfect (Nutella) Chocolate Chip Cookies.

As you can see above and in the recipe itself, these cookies are packed full of chocolate. With Nutella put in the batter–twice!–and chocolate chips added–twice!–these cookies are perfect for your chocoholic. I had a tiny piece of one but found it a bit too sweet. My husband and his daughter, though, are eating them with gusto.

Once again, the internet and those lovely people who create these recipes have saved my family from a chocolate-free week. Too, that Nutella now feels the love that it always deserved. A happy ending in a world that sees too few of them.


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