Comfort Food

comfortfoodFor various reasons, today has been a difficult one for me. Worrying and irritation left me with a lot of nervous energy. Although I could handle that surplus in a less healthy manner–eating my way through an entire package of Oreos, for example–I decided to focus on making some comfort food for my honey and me. This seemed the more positive path, and certainly less calorie laden.

velveetanbiscuitsFor lunch, I made something quick, Grilled Cheese Pull-Apart Rolls. Coming from the South, I particularly enjoy anything with biscuits. Too, it was frugal in that we had some biscuits and the remains of a loaf of Velveeta to use up. So, for both reasons, this recipe was a win. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time appreciating it. First, the rolls took a lot longer to cook than was listed in the recipe itself. This led to a super-heated house and a sweating honey. Also, the Velveeta was a little overpowering in its gooey-ness, and so the biscuits were difficult to even enjoy. Still, they made an easy lunch that filled us up.

homemadejuniormintsTonight, I decided to mix together some Homemade Junior Mints. As a kid, my favorite candy at the movies was Junior Mints. If given the choice among all the different varieties available at the movie theater, I always chose those small little mints. This recipe, therefore, was a natural for my own comfort today. This homemade version is certainly healthier and less sweet, but it was still enjoyable. It also did not require specialized equipment or a stove, and so very appropriate for a warmish evening. They turned out quite good and have brought back some great memories.

So, perhaps I didn’t get my Oreos, but I can say that I still got the comfort I needed. I provided my husband with a filling–if not exactly healthy–lunch, and we have a tasty treat for the next few days. Most importantly, I only ate one Junior Mint.

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