Experiences with Essential Oils

experienceswithessentialoilsCall me a curmudgeon or a cheapskate, but I try to avoid the doctor whenever possible. I have quite a bit of experience with the white-clad profession and have not always left with positive experiences. As I have grown older, I have attempted to find alternatives to various medicines so that I can take care of my own health issues.

Below you will find links to short articles that detail my experiences with essential oils for “medicine.” Are these the only essential oils that I’ve used? No, they sure aren’t. I will most likely detail my experiences with those in later posts. However, these links below provide my personal experiences with those that I use most often for medicinal reasons. Too, in regard to the health issues that they treat, I am certainly not the only one with these problems, and so they have the potential to interest many different people.

Before I provide the links, I must say that I am not a health expert; I am simply a middle-aged person who does a lot of research. As with anything regarding your own health, do your own reading and use your common sense when using something new. And, if necessary, consult a health practitioner of some sort as some alternative medicines can be contraindicated for certain people.

1. One Method for Dealing with Insomnia

2. Review of Young Living Essential Oils Dragon Time Blend

3. Review of Young Living Essential Oils RC Blend

And, in case you’re wondering, no, I don’t sell these oils. I have simply found them helpful and thought that others might as well. While I don’t normally talk about products, I will do so when I have found something of quality and that might benefit others.

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