Using Up Butternut Squash

usingupbutternutsquashOne of my weaknesses is planning for the use of various ingredients. With a small family, it can sometimes be difficult to utilize food products in a timely manner and not frustrate the taste buds of my family. I encountered again this weakness this week in my failure to use up the butternut squash that I cooked on Monday. Although I used one half of the squash in the soup that I made on that day, the rest of the squash still needed to be used in some meal.

Frustrated and lacking ideas, I did a bit of reading as far as freezing the squash. I found the information that I needed at this link. I followed the instructions, pureeing the squash and putting it in the container. While this was the first time that I have frozen squash, I hope that this will be useful information for the future. Too, by freezing the squash, we should have some time for our taste buds to readjust and crave the wintry goodness once again.

But before I put the container in the freezer, I scooped a bit of that squash out for use in my lunch, Butternut Squash and Pasta. This is a quick and easy lunch idea that can be quite handy for winter lunches.

So if you’re like me and get behind sometimes on your meal planning, then don’t be afraid to do a bit of research and try saving that food for another day. It can certainly prevent the ingredient from going bad in your fridge while you try to find an appropriate recipe. And it will keep your family happy in the meantime.

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