Nutella Gem Cookies

nutellagemcookiesAs we did a bit of work around the house this afternoon, I thought some cookies might be in order. Too, today has been quite chilly, and so heating up the kitchen a bit sounded quite nice. Of course, my energy is quite low today despite lots of coffee; anything I made had to be easy.

After considering the ingredients that we currently had on hand—mainly a tube of sugar cookie dough and an almost-empty tub of Nutella—I did a bit of quick searching on the internet. What did I find?

Voila! Nutella Gem Cookies!

These cookies were definitely easy to make. I was pulling the first batch from the oven when my husband walked in the kitchen.

“Did you just make these?” he asked.

“Yes, of course,” I acknowledged.

“You are amazing,” he replied as he grabbed a couple of cookies.

And the verdict? My husband thought they were a bit rich, but he seemed to enjoy them. (He came back for seconds.) I tried one myself and found them quite good even though I don’t normally like Nutella.

I would have to say that this recipe is a winner and perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your day with your family!


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