Beginning to Prepare for Emergencies

beginningtoprepareforemergenciesTonight we’re supposed to be in the path of some very nasty storms. Living in Kansas, we realize that it’s part of the territory. I have tried to prepare our family for such emergencies; these attempts could be thought of as focusing on what matters. This is definitely part of keeping a practical household, one that is ready to be self-sufficient if needed. Unfortunately, though, it is often neglected in our day when numerous governmental and societal resources exist.

Taking care of your family doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. By taking baby steps toward your ultimate goal, you can prepare for the disasters that you might face in your area. Too, by preparing long before any possible problem actually occurs, you will often save money by finding supplies on sale. Preparing, therefore, is practical and possibly frugal.

The following are some areas to consider:

  1. Water storage that will supply your family in case local water supplies are cut off. Be sure and store enough for your family.
  2. Food storage that will provide your family with enough nutrients for a certain amount of time.
  3. Alternate cooking methods in case your gas or electricity is not available.
  4. Methods for keeping you and your family warm or cool during difficult seasons.
  5. Medicine for your family’s needs, along with medical supplies for emergencies.
  6. Print library with information for survival, such as gardening, medicine, cooking, etc.
  7. Alternate methods for communication, such as Ham radio.

These are the basic areas in which to focus, but you will undoubtedly require more specific supplies based on your family’s needs. As you gather these supplies, don’t forget to learn how to use this equipment and gain other information and skills that might come in handy. By taking the time now to prepare for an emergency, you will feel more secure and will certainly be more self-sufficient.


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