Cinnamon Streusel Crisps

cinnamonstreuselcrispsThis week has certainly been one of busy-ness for myself, one in which I was not focusing on my home and providing for my family. I suppose that’s what happens in life—especially when you get older and gain more responsibilities—but it makes you feel a bit bad about that neglect. Although I usually focus on frugality, sometimes I’ll take shortcuts in my cooking in order to relieve some of the stress and time involved. Part of this would be pre-prepared foods, but also technology.

When we were grocery shopping this past week, I found the tubes of refrigerated sugar cookie dough on sale. Knowing that I would be busy most of this current week, I grabbed a couple. With my husband’s daughter coming this week, I thought that they might come in handy.

Having run out of desserts for the family, I decided to use one of those tubes today. But what to do? Google is all knowing, for better or for worse, whattodowithsugarcookiedoughand so I decided to consult it with my problem. Typing in “what to do with sugar cookie dough,” I found quite a few ideas to solve my predicament. One stood out, though. Loving coffee cake, I settled on making cinnamon streusel crisps.

The resulting cookies were light and crispy but still sweet. I hope they’ll satisfy my family’s cravings and allay some of my guilt for this week. And with the help of the web and pre-prepared food, I didn’t have to stress too much. And who doesn’t love a light and sweet cookie on a Friday afternoon?

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