Treats for the 4th of July: Chocolate Peanut Butter Mocha Powerballs

choco bites

Have you ever just needed to make something yummy? Perhaps it was all of the talk of the holiday on Facebook, or maybe it was simply a craving for chocolate. No matter the reason, I had to make a sweet treat today for my honey and me.

While the sky’s the limit when it comes to treats and possibilities, there were some conditions. With such a hot day outside, it had to be a no-bake recipe so that I didn’t heat up the house too much. Second, it had to use ingredients we already had around the house. And finally, it would have to be quick as I am working today. With the internet at my fingertips, I knew I would find something, though.

After much searching and finding other awesome recipes, I finally found Chocolate Peanut Butter Mocha Powerballs. This recipe had everything I wanted and needed–caffeine, chocolate, oats, and a little sweetness. These would power us both up and give us energy to get through our day.

My choices for the recipe were as follows:

  1. Maple syrup for the sweetener
  2. Whole oats
  3. Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee

Generally, with the choices above, this was a fairly frugal recipe as we already had everything on hand. Plus, purchasing oats and cocoa in bulk helps quite a bit in the long run. The two main ingredients that were expensive would be the maple syrup and the Starbucks. As honey can be purchased in bulk and stored easily, this might have been a better choice to make this recipe a bit more frugal. However, I was feeling lazy and so grabbed the syrup.

With the help of my trusty little food processor, I was able to mix these up rather easily. To make them a bit fancier, I gave them a good coating of cocoa before putting them in the fridge.

These treats pack quite the punch! They are not very sweet but rather have a dark chocolate sort of taste. The flavors mix well and make a perfect treat for afternoon coffee. They are filling, and so I would recommend making these a bit smaller. Still, they are a cool, chocolate-y treat for a hot July day.

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