Coconut Flour Donut Holes

coconut flour donut holesWith a short time this morning between shifts, I decided to mix up a special treat for the family’s breakfast. There was one recipe I’d been eyeing for quite awhile–Coconut Flour Donut Holes. I knew that this one could be completed quickly during the time available and would certainly satisfy my family’s longing for something sweet. To the kitchen!

Although I didn’t have all of the equipment listed in the recipe, I was certain that I could do without. I would love those baking cups and the pastry brush, but I just don’t have them currently. Still, I managed to get by, even without that fun stuff.

I was able to gather and combine all of the ingredients in about 10 minutes, all while the oven was warming up. There was a moment of frustration when I first looked at the batter; it looked initially to be much too wet to form balls. However, after a minute or so, the flour absorbed most of the liquid, and my fears were put to rest. I was able to make each by hand and place them in the muffin tin.

These baked up nicely and resulted in a very light texture. My main problem came with coating them with the topping. At first, I thought I could dip each one in the coconut oil and then roll in the sugar mixture. Huh-uh…this was a disaster. Do not try this as the “holes” broke apart in the oil. I finally poured the coconut oil onto each donut in the muffin pan and then sprinkled on the topping. This worked rather well and avoided the earlier mess. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

My family thoroughly enjoyed this tasty treat. These are not all that filling, and so I would certainly recommend eating this with something else, such as yogurt or fruit. However, if you want a special something for breakfast, these can’t be beat!

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