Making Cooking Cool: Induction Cooktop

Induction CooktopMy husband and I have tried various alternative cooking methods over the years. This was not only a search for useful techniques but also a way to stretch our own cooking skills.

For whatever reason–a broken oven, lack of electricity, or whatnot–our stove may not be available. Too, without a traditional summer kitchen, finding other ways to prepare meals in the summer without heating up the kitchen can save money. Definitely a win-win, all the way around.

Here are some cooking methods that we’ve tried:

  1. Solar oven
  2. Campfire
  3. Wonderbag
  4. Induction cooktop

And here’s one that I’m still considering: a Herc Oven. I would love to try this method but so far have not been able to justify the initial expense.

So with the heat of summer still lingering, I decided to purchase an induction cooktop. After doing a bit of research, I finally decided on this one. I won’t pretend to understand the science behind this cooking method, but I can tell you that it works. And best of all, it doesn’t heat up the room, so we can enjoy a hot meal without turning up the air conditioning.

Other than a cooler kitchen, one of the main benefits of using this cooktop is precise temperature control. Also, the time to do anything is lessened; you can boil a pot of water in just minutes. Seriously! Wondering about drawbacks? Well, you can’t use all cookware with this although you can purchase a heat diffuser that will allow you to do so.

We’ve mainly cooked with the skillet so far, but we’re eager to try cooking with a dutch oven and the like. Have you tried cooking on an induction cooktop? What are your thoughts?

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