Returning to a Favorite Craft: Potholder Loom

potholder loomIn case you’re a bit younger than I am, I must let you know that there wasn’t much for kids to do back in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. There were basically three channels on TV, with Saturday morning cartoons being the highlight of the week. In those in-between hours of boredom and restlessness, we looked through our View-Master at pictures of far-off places, colored pictures, and made crafts.

Crafting, unlike today, now a cultural movement, was simply what one did. My mother crocheted and made macrame plant hangers…my grandmother sewed…and I, fairly young at the time, made potholders.

It doesn’t sound so exciting now, but it was a ton of fun back then. My grandmother would purchase a big bag of the loops for the loom, and I would go to town. It was an easy craft that even a child could do. And boy, did I do it! While I sat and watched re-runs of Brady Bunch and The Rifleman, I wove potholders to my heart’s content, filling the days with crafts and entertainment. Eventually, my grandmother had to say “Enough!” to the crafting as she had a whole stack of potholders, enough for a lifetime.

And now? Well, I wanted an easy craft to make for presents, and low-and-behold, those looms still existed. And they have become sophisticated, with a larger size available and loops with prettier colors. There’s even a handy-dandy pattern wizard!

Yes siree, I had to jump back into the potholder fray. I quickly remembered how much I enjoyed the mixing of colors and creating new patterns.

The only problem was that the thing kept popping off the loom as I was finishing it off. With a bit of brainstorming, I came up with a way to prevent that from happening: wide rubber bands wrapped strategically around the loom. A bit of a pain to coordinate, but a lifesaver for keeping the potholder secure as you complete it.

I guess my family knows what they’re getting for Christmas this year…

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