Apps and Services for the Busy Bookworm

Apps and ServicesAs long as I can remember, I’ve been a bookworm.

Granted, I have watched a lot of TV. I can name pretty much every Twilight Zone episode and throw around I Love Lucy references with the best of them. But books…well, that’s something totally different.

I grew up with lots and lots of books. My parents read to us and had us read to them as we got older. And any book was certainly fair game. As long as we were reading, it was a good, good thing.

Never one for sports, I was often the lone person in the library reading. Indeed, I quickly transitioned from Dr. Seuss to Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series. Horses merged into science fiction and chick lit and classic literature, eventually landing me smack dab in the middle of Kindle territory.

Yes, I am a bookworm.

But what does a bookworm do when they’re too busy or tired to read? And–for that matter–what does a Christian do when they can’t read scripture?

My dear friends, I’ve been going through this lately. Too little time to sit down with a good book. But luckily for us in the 21st century, we’ve got apps. Although some apps and services cost money, others are totally free.  And that is a great thing in our day and age! You can be filled up while not breaking the bank.

The following are the apps and services that have been helping me through a book-less time, providing me with a positive way to begin and end my day (along with some entertainment in between):

  • The Bible App. We all know this one, right? It’s pretty much my standard app. With its selection of reading plans–along with several audio ones–it’s great. [Free to use!]
  • Abide. This is actually an app that I found through a reading plan on The Bible App. This includes audio prayers paired with calming music. [Free to use!]
  • She Reads Truth. This is one that I’d considered downloading in the past but didn’t as the reading plans were paid. Having tried it, though, I can say they are worth the price. The devotionals are meaningful and provide an interesting view of the scripture being read during that time. [Free to download, some free reading plans.]
  • First5. This app is designed to be the first thing you read in the morning, and indeed it has become so for me. The devotionals for this app are also great and provide a very positive beginning to my day. [Free to use!]
  • Daily Audio Bible. I’m not sure how I discovered this app, but I’m glad I did. This is an app that sounds just like its name. Daily audio Bible readings, all set to calming music. Brian Hardin is the founder of DAB and also the reader for the app. Great app all around. [Free to use!]
  • Kindle Unlimited. Not really an app, but rather a service provided by Amazon, this is awesome-r than a big pumpkin spice latte. Seriously. It’s sort of a Netflix for reading. The great thing about it is not only the “unlimited” part but also the fact that many of the books include narration. So you can clean the house and exercise while listening to the latest book on your phone. [This one costs, so your mileage may vary.]

Hopefully these apps and services will brighten up even the most drab and harried of your days.

Do you have any favorite apps? Please share them! And don’t forget to hop on over to my Facebook page

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