The Importance of a Full Pantry and a Good Attitude

Full Pantry and Good AttitudeDo you ever just wake up overwhelmed? I do.

The first thought on my mind this morning was not one of gratitude, but rather, “I have SO much to do!” And instead of taking a moment to re-focus, I proceeded with my day, hurrying and grumbling about what lay ahead.

After a few hours of work and over an hour of house cleaning, I was tired. And grumbling. And well, more and more overwhelmed.

Then it hit me. We had nothing for lunch.

I was tempted to order takeout in that moment and continue my grumbling, but I stopped and thought about something I had read in Deliver Me from Negative Self-Talk Expanded Edition: A Guide to Speaking Faith-Filled Words. Paraphrasing, of course, but the author says at one point in the book that we often miss the blessings in front of us when we’re wishing for something else.

(The above link is not an affiliate link. I’m just a happy reader wanting to pass along a good read.)

I stopped and looked around, thinking about the blessings all around me. And my mood shifted to more of a can-do attitude.

So I looked through the pantry and found a package of red pepper corn chowder from Frontier Soups. Once that was one the stovetop, I began mixing up some quick biscuits. Those went in the oven, and lunch was in the works.

I felt better and grateful. And when my husband came up the stairs and said “Wooo! It smells great up here!” I felt happy.

But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.  —Isaiah 40:31

Hey! How are you? Just thought I’d wave hello!



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