The Crunchy Sunflower

crunchy-profile-picIn a time of unyielding unemployment and strife, providing for our families can be difficult. Believe me, I know! I am currently unemployed.

I write for various websites as well as my personal blog, Stories from This Life, and my book blog, Books, Coffee, and a Whole Lotta Faith. I have also recently started a blog about living with cancer and Cowden Syndrome, PTEN, Cancer, and a Thing Called Hope.

Creating a happy and healthy home can be a challenge in such a situation. This blog records my attempts to do so–whether my failures or my successes–so that you can benefit from this experience. You’ll find everything from meal ideas, tips, recipes, to crafts in these pages. Hopefully these posts will inspire you too as you search for a way to survive in this world. In the past, there was a definite community and means for a direct sharing of ideas and experience. Perhaps blogs such as this are the new form of quilting bee or women’s association.

So sit back and follow my own progress as I create a life that is frugal and yet hopeful.

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